“it’s a style of country music that you likely haven’t heard in a while. Though there’s a definite country twang to the vocals and there’s a copious amount of pedal steel and upright bass, there’s also a wonderful horn section for extra bursts of energy.”


“Wolf Willow aims to recapture the old tyme country of the past. Their new record, Darston Waltz, manages to sound sort of modern in places, but like it has one foot in squarely in HG Wells’ time machine, especially in the instrumentals. Whether swaying ballad or swinging dance hall rocker, Darston Waltz is a classic combination of harmonies, shuffling drum and bass work, cryin’ pedal steel, and blazing horns.”


“The album amalgamates many styles and comes across in generally dancey groove that at times calls to mind bands from the “new swing revival” at the turn of millennium with a hefty dose of alt country.”

Country Music People

"Taking elements from country, bluegrass and swing, Wolf Willow take the prairie sounds of yesteryear and fuse them with a good dose of hipshake and moxie."  



"Western Swing Alternative Country. Sorry what? Yes, that is a music genre, and local Regina band Wolf Willow plays it best. " http://www.carillonregina.com/regina-band-interview-series-wolf-willow/