We set out to make the kind of record that makes you feel something...

Quonset hut.jpg

The plan was to emulate the approach used by Owen Bradley on early Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison recordings.  We scoured old photos and interviews trying to figure out how they captured the magic.   The key seemed to be that everything was recorded in one room with a tremendous amount of bleed.  We set up everything in the dance studio space attached to Soul Sound Studios and just like the old photos we kept moving instruments around until everything sounded great. 

One moment in particular sticks out...we had moved the vibraphones just a couple of feet out of the way to tidy up some chords, when all of a sudden the engineer shouted from the back "whatever you just did don't change it!  It sounds great."

The second key to the recordings was the vocal reverb.  Owen Bradley used a specific plate reverb unit called the EMT140.  By some miracle, Jason Plumb at Studio One had exactly the same reverb unit.  We ran all the vocals with tons of bleed through the reverb unit and suddenly we had that magic sound!

Wolf Willow will be releasing, Darston Waltz in Spring 2017 in anticipation of a summer of festivals dates around Saskatchewan